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As a Print Media Artist for the City of Moorhead, I was responsible in the design, development and distribution of City publications such as calendars, newsletters, flyers and posters for a community of approximetely 38,000+ residents.


One of my biggest projects was the City of Moorhead calendar for 2013. I gathered, edited and proofread the information provided, designed the complete layout. Once finished, and prepared the files for prepress and production.


This City calendar was the winner of a contest presented by Graphic Design USA  called the "2013 American Inhouse Design Award." 


Here is a piece of the recognition letter I received:


"The American Inhouse Design Awards is the original and the biggest showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers. For many years, it has provided an opportunity for inhouse designers to be recognized for their talent, for the challenges they face, and for their contributions to their businesses and institutions. For the eighth straight year, more than 4,000 entries have arrived from across the country; a highly selective 15 percent are recognized today with a Certificate of Excellence."


I also got to work on newsletters and employee monthly e-newsletters to name a few.


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