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First thing's first, for those who don't know me, here is a little bit of background about myself.


I am a creative professional born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2008, I decided to pursue my career and passion for fútbol by moving to Iowa. I know what you are thinking – from Venezuela to Iowa? Why? I was offered an athletic & academic scholarship so I took it! I thought I knew it all, but as soon as winter hit, I realized... I absolutely did not. Shocker, right?


After two years in Iowa studying Communications, I transferred to Minnesota State University where I continued to play fútbol with a similar career path: Graphic Communications with an emphasis in Digital Design and Production. While in school, I gained  a year of valuable work experience as a Print Media Intern for the City of Moorhead. I worked closely with the Mayor, Council Members and Department Directors...Yes! I got to be part of the City parades and waived to the residents in a fancy car... Glorious minutes of fame.


Right after graduation, I moved to Florida! In July, 2013, I started in Sales with The Walt Disney Company and fairly quickly, I transitioned to be part of the Walt Disney World Resort Public Affairs team as a Communications Associate/Graphic Designer supporting Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.


In August, 2015,  new opportunities arised in South Florida so my family and I decided to move. Fortunately, I was able to stay as a Communications Associate for The Walt Disney Company and now I get to work with different departments ranging from Human Resources to Business Optimization and Workforce Management.


My career continued in South Florida as a Graphic Designer for an obstacle course race called BattleFrog. I joined the Creative Department in October, 2015 until June, 2016, where I was involved on a wide range of projects from print to digital marketing and apparel design.


In June 2016, I accepted to join a new adventure for the Global Experience & Innovation team at Carnival Corporation and I have been there since then, loving every minute of it.

Thanks for reading... What's your story?

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